Intaglio Press Series 0

Our series 0 is truly a heavy-duty etching press to be used for etchings or block printing. The Series 0 Etching Press is hand built with the finest materials by our expert craftsmen.

The Series 0 Etching Press is made of all-steel construction. The sides are 1/2" steel plates which are welded together to form a very strong unit.

The press is bolted to a table.

The bed is 12" x 24" and is 3/8" thick. It is ground on both sides for parallelism and accuracy. The bed has safety stops.

The top roller is 4-1/2" in diameter and the bottom roller is 3" in diameter, turning with self-aligning ball bearings. The top roller has 3" of adjustment. This adjustment feature makes possible a wide variety of relief print making.

The handle is a 20" diameter cast bronze wheel, driven by gear reduction, and designed for smooth operation and convenience to the printer. A cast bronze guard covers the drive mechanism.

One of the main causes of warped beds in etching presses is that small plates are printed on large presses. This causes excess pressure on the center of the bed and continuous printing will eventually cause the bed to warp. Therefore, it is advisable to print small plates on a small press.

Warranty: Guaranteed for ten (10) years against defects in materials and workmanship.

Technical Notes - Series 0-1
Technical Notes - Series 0-2

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