Overall Length: Fifty-five inches (55")
Overall Width: Thirty-six inches (36")
Overall Height: Fifty-eight inches (58")
Overall Weight: One thousand five hundred pounds (1500 lbs.)
Steel Bed Length: Fifty-four inches (54")
Steel Bed Width: Twenty-six and one-half inches (26-1/2")
Steel Bed Thickness: One and one-eighth inch steel (1-1/8")
Steel Bed Height: Thirty-two inches (32")
Steel Bed Construction: The steel bed has been flame cut and stress relieved. The bed is ground on both sides for flatness. Eight bearings guide the press bed through to maintain accurate movement of the bed through the machine.
Top Roller Diameter: Eight and one-half inches (8-1/2")
Top Roller Length: Twenty-six and one-half inches (26-1/2")
Top Roller Construction: The top roller is 8-1/2" extra heavy duty steel tubing. It is fabricated and has two steel inner disks that are welded for strength. The roller is machined and hard chrome plated for durability and to prevent rusting. The roller is mounted in self-aligning ball bearing units.
Bottom Roller Diameter: Four and one-half inches (4-1/2")
Bottom Roller Construction: The bottom roller is 4-1/2" solid steel and is mounted in self-aligning ball bearing units. These bearings, chosen for their durability, are maintenance free.
Frame: Steel tubing .188 inches bolted and welded
Drive System: The ease of hand cranking under any pressure is obtained by our superior gear reduction system that is enclosed in a custom cast aluminum gear guard. The bottom roller is four and one-half inches (4-1/2") solid steel turning in heavy-duty, self-aligning ball bearings that are pre-lubed and sealed. Gear reduction is by a chain with a 1 to 7 gear reduction to the 4-1/2" bottom roller.
Finish: We use an automotive type of finish that is a three step process which consists of special cleansers, special primers and a special paint called Imron, a Dupont product. This paint is a two-part polyurethane which ensures a durable hard finish. This paint is used for custom automobile and airplane bodies. We go through this labor intensive process to ensure that you have a unique custom quality finish that will endure for years and years. Other exposed metal parts are either polished aluminum or polished bronze.
Bed Safety Stops: We have two aluminum safety stops on either end of the bed that act as a mechanical stop. These stops are aluminum so they are softer than the steel bottom roller that it comes in contact with. In addition, we have four mechanical stops on the frame that prevents the press bed from tipping out. For example, if you were to raise the top roller as high as it would go, it would be impossible for the bed to drop out due to the safety stops.
Specifications: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Warranty: Ten (10) year warranty.  One Micro Dial Set at no additional charge.

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