Intaglio Press Series I & II

Construction: The Griffin Company's construction insures absolute rigidity in the frame and correct bed movement. Construction is of 2" x 4" x .180" and 2" x 2" x .180" heavy-wall rectangular steel tubing for the frame with 8 to 10 2" x 2" x .180" heavy-wall steel tubular cross members. Solid steel tie-bars connect the frames and hold the adjustable bed wheels. All exposed steel parts are cadmium plated to prevent rusting. The press is painted with the best acrylic enamel epoxy paint for a very durable hard finish.
Drive: The drive is operated by a single chain reduction of 7 to 1. The chain is nickel-plated to prevent rusting. The bottom roller is 4-1/2" solid steel turning on heavy-duty, self-aligning ball bearings that are pre-lubed, sealed and require no maintenance. A positive key system from the sprocket to the roller prevents slippage.
Pressure System: The pressure system is a double lobed concentric cam with grease fittings in all moving parts. The unit is of very strong construction and is extremely durable.
Bed: The bed is of 2-1/2" laminated cherry hardwood. Cherry wood is the best hardwood for lithography press beds. Under a variety of atmospheres, it will maintain its dimensional stability. For more information, please refer to technical notes.

Technical Notes - Series I

Technical Notes - Series II

Series III

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